The Weekly Challenge

Here is where you'll find the Weekly Challenge: As a man on the journey of realizing The Remarkable Man within, you will be 

Challenged each week to commit to and complete a task that will push you outside your comfort zone and move you forward.

As a member of The Inner Circle participation is for your greatest growth and momentum. 

Failure to do so is on you!

You are asked to participate here in this forum. Please comment and share what is coming up for you. What resistance or fear is coming up? 

As well, share your progress and victories.

And lastly, share your support for your brothers in The Challenge.

This about having fun, breaking barriers and pushing through limitations. You've got this!

Each Challenge Starts on the Monday of that week and runs for 7 Days to The following Sunday night at Midnight.

All Inner Circle members must post their results by 11:59PM on the last day of the challenge.

Good luck with this week's challenge!

The Challenge for:  Week of May 8th - May 15th

Actions That Your Big Dreams and Goals Demand

There are times when you current actions won't be enough to get it done.

Your big goals and dreams that you have expressed you want to get done are going to require a much more powerful effort on your part.

You will have to do the actions you may not want to do but they are a part of the process. You may have to move way outside your comfort zone to make it happen.

1) Think of your massive goal...You know...the one you have to 10X           your life and actions to make it happen? 

    Yeah that one.

2) Now step into the Remarkable Man you are and think of some action     steps you could do this week to get one or two steps closer.

3) Who can you call?

    What research can you do?

    Who can you meet?

    Who has a contact?

    What do you need to read or listen to?

    What kind of man do you have to be in order to achieve your goal?

Your big goals and dreams will always stay somewhere in the future and always out of reach as long as you continue to dream about it and not take action.

What ever steps you need to take...take them.

Good luck Brother!

Challenge Archives

This is where you'll find previous challenges. Take them on if you missed it during its regular cycle

The Challenge for:  Week of April 24 - April 31st, 2017



Your Excuses & Justifiers

You know what you want and you know what you have to do. 

Yet there's a part of your that continues to run a story about why you can't do something.

It becomes your default solution for not completing a project or task.

For most men, they have not really dug in to the habitual reasons they can't make it happen.


In the next week you are to take some time to truly become fully aware of your excuses and justifiers that have become an all too common default for not getting ahead or making things happen.

Think about it, ponder it and give yourself the gift of your uninterrupted time to write them down so they are a part of your conscious awareness.

Let go of the ego and just write down all of them that come to mind.

Not enough time?

Not enough money?

Not enough confidence?

Not good enough?

Too lazy

Not healthy enough

Too sick?

Don't just copy the list above! Do your own work and see why it lands for you. 

Get to the core as to why that is always the case.

If you do this exercise with a clear intention, it should open up a whole new part of you to ponder and to work on.

Get it done! 

This is about you are changing your life to be the Remarkable Man you want to be.


Good luck Brothers!

The Challenge for:  Week of April 11 - April 20th, 2017

Create Some Urgency - Put Time Limits On Your Tasks

Whether it's in your business, your fitness, your relationship, your children or your own

personal goals, you have to put a time frame in it to create a sense of urgency.

You're desire to get the goal done is admirable but it's not likely to push you to action or follow through to completion unless you give it a time frame.

In the next week you are to look at the tasks, chores, duties and obligations and put a time frame on it. 

If the back deck needs staining...give yourself two days to get it done. 

If your In box is full, give yourself a few minutes or so to address it.

If your kids need quality time with Dad...plan a time and timeframe to be present for them.

Your beloved also needs to have a sense of urgency every day...make the time.

You can come up with any number of tasks and projects that you know you need to complete this week.

Be clear, be concise and be action oriented about getting it done.





Week of April 3rd -10th, 2017 


The Power Of Atonement: Who do you need to apologize to? 

Who needs to hear you be authentic?

What do you need to own up to and take responsibly for?

It could be something that's happening right now or something you did from your distant past.

Bumping into someone and saying, "Sorry" does not cut it.

Or "Hey, I should have put my laundry away as I know that bugs you...sorry about that!"

That does not cut it either.

Dig in to a deeper why as to how you are showing up.

Have a real conversation around it.

Make the receiver feel your sincerity and realness. Make a heart connection in the process.

This about more than making them feel better.

This takes a huge weight and energy off your shoulders and psyche.