RMP Chapter Challenge

Here is where you'll find the Chapter Challenge.

This is about creating a little friendly competition and team building.

Every Chapter in our growing RMP Nation will be eligible to participate.

If you do not have a running RMP Chapter in your city, you can rally members near you on the Inner Circle FB Group Page or The RMP FB Group page to support you in the challenge.

Each Challenge will require a minimum amount of time and be altruistic in nature.

We want to ensure that there is a net gain from our actions both personally and with all those involved.

Just like your "Weekly Challenge" Each Chapter Challenge Starts on the Monday of that week and runs for 7 Days to The following Sunday night at Midnight.

Each Chapter must post their results by 11:59PM on the last day of the challenge.

Good luck with this week's challenge!

The Challenge for:  Week of May 8th - May 14th 2017

Invite A Friend To Join You At The Next RMP Guest Night

In this week's challenge you are to see how many guests you and your chapter can successfully invite to the next RMP Guest Night.

Have the courage to share RMP with your tribe.

Let your friends know the benefits of being an RMP Member and encourage them to come on out for a great time.

Bring your chapter pride to the forefront Brothers!

The Chapter with the most guests this week is declared the winner.

Good luck Brothers!

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The Challenge for:  Week of April 24 - April 31st 2017



Reach Out To A Brother In Another Chapter

In this week's challenge you are to reach out to a brother in another RMP Chapter.

Go on to the Facebook Inner Circle Group and explore the membership for members that are in another city.

Do not reach out to those you already know...at least not now.

Reach out to Brothers you have yet to meet and introduce yourself

Via private message.

Exchange numbers and set up a time to chat.

Inform the members on the chat that you were successful in connecting with a member(s).

The Chapter with the most members that initiated a connection will win the week's challenge.

Good luck Brothers!

The Challenge for:  Week of April 10 - April 16th 2017

Engage Your Brothers

Plug in and engage the RMP Communities

At RMP we have a number of communities that you can engage in. We have both a private and pubic group page on Facebook.

This week you are to make an effort to engage once daily on the pages. Let's see which chapter can level up and create more of a connection with their brothers.

You join in a conversation with your experience, your advice or create your own conversation to get an answer you are looking for.

This is the power of RMP and the more you use the tools the more value you create for yourself and for your brothers.

Take ownership of RMP and your place as a leader and engage!

Note: Like anything, you get out of something what you put into it. RMP can only be as good as you perceive it to be. Change your thoughts you change your life.

See you there!


Good luck Brothers!




The Challenge for:  Week of April 3 - April 9th 2017


This One Is Easy! Get together as many Chapter members in your city as you can to have coffee or go to a pub.

It is imperative that we as RMP members get to know one another, not just one-on-one but as a gathering of friends. Have fun and engage in real conversations, learn about their world and what each one is about.

Note: Please post your pictures of proof on your Facebook account and in the groups so we can see your numbers. The Chapter with the most participants wins the challenge.


At RMP we're about striving for greatness so I won't give you a speech about how "We're all winners".

I do believe that life is about doing your best and not about getting a trophy for just showing up.

However, in this particular case...No matter how many members gather in your area...it will be a fun and remarkable time...I promise you!

Good luck Brothers!