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Frequently Asked Questions


Upon your visit here my wish for you is that you found a movement, a cause and a brotherhood that you've been looking for. One that speaks to the man you are and the man you want to become. However, you may have questions and with that we hope to answer them.

We want to ensure you have a better understanding of what The Remarkable Man Project is about and what it is not.

 01  Is RMP a religious group?

No! RMP is not associated or affiliated with any religious group or organization. Nor are we aligned with or having any political agenda. All men are welcome regardless of faith, beliefs, sexual orientation or income level. We are a global force of Remarkable Men and inclusion is vital for our mission to be a reality.




 02  Why Is This Just For Men?

We are at an unprecedented time in our history. There are a lot of changes and challenges occurring with men, women, families and relationships. There's a networking or support group for pretty much every aspect of a woman's life. Yet sadly, there are very few resources, tools and groups available to men. For this reason we wanted to create a support and empowerment container that was exclusive to men. A place men could feel safe, secure and honoured for the challenges and journey he is on. As much as RMP is for men, our wish is the women and children become the true beneficiaries of the work we do.





This question is here because it has been asked and there are some that will have this assumption regardless of what is printed, posted or viewed on this site. We are anything but a misogynistic organization against women or the feminist movement. Our code of honour and code of conduct for members is very clear. One of our core maxims is to be Champions To Women. We are here to honour the divine feminine and be the men the world needs. With that, we are unapologetic about nurturing and fostering the authentic masculine power in men. To encourage men to step boldly into his strength, his character and be proud of the man he is and becoming.



 04  Why is there an annual paid membership?

In addition to your free RMP Membership, we do offer an annual paid membership, The Inner Circle.

We believe very strongly that in order for real change and community to actually occur, it can't be a quick fix.

Think about all the big goals and desires that you have. Think about your habitual patterns as to why they have yet to be realized. In truth, most men quit on their dreams and goals shortly before they come to the finish line. With your annual Inner Circle Membership you are joining like-minded men from around the world that understand what it takes for true breakthroughs to occur. You will tap into a leadership and accountability container that holds you to your commitments throughout the year, especially when times get tough and you feel like quitting on yourself. That's when the true value of the brotherhood and Inner Circle are realized. As well, you know as the man you are, that when you invest in your personal development you are more likely to follow through and stick to it. Plus, we promise to over deliver on value so you know you



 05  Can I cancel my Inner Circle Membership at anytime?

Your Inner Circle Membership is an annual membership because we encourage you to stick with a plan and dig deeper into your new friendships, brotherhood and support. However, you can quit at anytime. Just email our admin department with your intentions within 10 days of your next billing cycle and we'll cancel it.


Is RMP Anti-Woman or Anti- Feminism
What is the goal of The Remarkable Man Project?

We believe that every man has a remarkable man within. When men are remarkable, we can create a remarkable world. Our mission is to create the largest leadership and empowerment network in the world for men. In fact, our dream is to have 1 million Remarkable Men making a difference wherever they are. We hope to be catalyst for change. To challenge men to be the highest and best version of themselves so that we can inspire other men to do the same. RMP is about creating a new and exciting legacy of what it means to be man, a warrior, a dad and a partner in today's world. Visit the About Page for more details