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It's Time To Be Remarkable!

Every Journey Has Its Beginning

Your are here because there is a feeling you have had for a very long time. There is a calling that can no longer be pushed down, silenced or ignored.

You are feeling it just as millions of men 

around the world are feeling it.

A calling that says that you want to be part of something that truly stirs your soul. To connect with a movement of like-minded and forward thinking men that can affect change on a global scale.


It begins right here, right now!...With you!

Your Remarkable Journey

Begins Here!

This Is Bigger Than You Can Imagine

One Million Remarkable Men...Will You Be One Of Them?

We're building the bold new face of leadership, empowerment and brotherhood for men.

YOU Are At The Core OF RMP

No matter how successful or challenging your life is, the journey you have been on has been an interesting one to say the least.
There's no doubt that you feel that the world is changing pretty fast and so are the way in which men are handling it.
Sadly, more and more men are feeling lost, confused and frustrated with what it means to be a man in today's world than ever before.
As a result the divorce rate is climbing and relationships feel like a minefield of wrong turns and never seeming to get it right.
Resulting in way too many children being left in a world without Dads being their heroes. We have so many children of all ages that need heroes to look up to.
If you are a son of an absent father you know full well how painful that journey is.
As well, men's health globally has raised the alarm on prostrate cancer, heart disease, sexual disfunction, mental illness and suicide among men are all reaching epidemic levels.
In short, there's a global malaise that is happening to men. It's showing up in every culture and demographic. Yet as pervasive as this issue is, there are very few resources available to men. 
Conversely, we live in the age of the empowered woman. She's empowered, connected and rocking it on so many levels. And rightly so. For millennia woman have taken a back seat to men and have fought hard to claim their rightful place along side of us.
However, after a generation of women's liberation and feminist ideology in the media and our pop culture, the tables have turned. Women now are taking the world ironically by the balls and talking on roles that were once dominated by men. Women are at the helm of most relationships. So much so that almost 73% of relationships are ending today because SHE said so...and most men didn't see it coming.
We know and agree - As strong as women have become, she should never have to dumb it down or play small to be with her man or be with men.
Women, are very much leading the way in personal growth, spiritual and even professional growth. Tragically, most men have taken their foot off the gas about their own inner personal journey and what matters most to them.
A woman's trajectory is heading to the stratosphere while it seems like a man's has sputtered and in free fall. These two world's are incompatible if they are to continue.
Wouldn't you like to have the tools and insights to show up powerfully in your relationship and be her champion?


Of Relationships End Because SHE Said so!

The Remarkable Man Project

Is Here To Change The Story

It is imperative that we change the story about how men are showing up in their lives, in society and the world.
A true support and accountability system that holds you to a higher standard.
  • Do you believe you are here for so much more?
  • Do you believe that you have greatness inside you?
  • Do you feel that you deserve to be happy?
Of course!
The challenge is in changing your mindset in how you step into your true authentic masculine power.
The  first step is letting go of the "Lone Wolf" journey.

Getting Past

The Lone Wolf

You know exactly what is meant by being the Lone Wolf. This is about you going through the heart ache, pain and suffering on your own until your life somehow magically turns around.
So many men feel shame, guilt and loss of identity when their life goes sideways. We have been hardwired to figure everything out and deal with our personal sh*t on our own.
We don't feel we want to burden others with our stuff. There's also a story around the fear many men have of allowing themselves to be vulnerable and share his truth. The fear is that there won't be enough real empathy or trust because being real and open is often seen as being wimpy or weak.
Add to that, men are not always great at nurturing their relationships with their guy friends. It's not uncommon for a man to find himself doing the lone-wolf thing after a breakup. He put all his time and energy into HER that his buddies got pushed by the wayside. Now when he needs his friends the most, he finds himself very much alone.
As much as the lone-wolf persona carries some mystique and romanticized machismo, in truth the lone wolf cannot survive in nature. Once the pack has kicked him out the lone wolf rarely survives a year in the wild.
To truly grow you know you need to get around those that can support you, believe in you and hold you accountable to your highest vision of the man you want to be.
That's at The Core Of RMP!

The Noble Warrior Within

We're not here to put a cape on your back or as "S" on your chest and tell you this is the man you must become.
At RMP we are not here to tell you what a Remarkable Man is. The truth is you already know. You've been him, you've felt him and you strive to be him.
However, within every Remarkable Man a noble warrior must emerge. The warrior within must rise, prepare and go into battle every day to vanquish his enemies, defeat his past and conquer his limitations. The noble warrior is also on a tireless journey to embody the highest and best version of the man you know you can be.
For some men, finding and being the noble warrior is the scariest part of The Remarkable Man journey. It will require you to get out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries and break free of the herd mentality.
At RMP we get the journey you are on. What we aim to provide you are the tools, resources and brotherhood to ignite the noble warrior within so you are a man on fire.
The world needs your noble warrior to claim its rightful place at the front of the battle. Together we will fight the good fight and be victorious in all our pursuits in life, love, success and purpose.


Step Into Your Authentic Masculine Power And Be Her Champion

Most of a man's effort, growth and success is done with an underlying impress, woo and provide for a woman. 
Whether you are straight, gay or somewhere in the middle, a great deal of your life is focused on sex, love and nurturing relationships.
Yet, even though men dedicate so much of their waking life to be in or sustain a relationship, very few men actually do the deep work necessary to understand why their relationships are the way they are.
So many men are going through breakups, separations and divorce resulting in men losing their sense of identity, their self worth, their financial power and their mojo.
The single or dating scene is not proving to be any better.
Guys everywhere are lamenting about how entitled or empowered women are today. He's often confused and frustrated about how to handle today's empowered women. Instead he's "friend zoned" more often than not.
Even men in long-term relationships are feeling the romance and passion slipping away. He too is being "friend zoned"! Everything he tries falls flat.
Gentlemen, The Remarkable Man Project is here to help you be her Champion. Over the course of your membership you'll get real-world coaching, insights and tools to help you step into your authentic masculine power. 
You'll understand the power of masculine and feminine energy and how it shows up in men. You'll get a new awareness about why you show up in relationships that you do.
You'll be held accountable to actions steps that will help take your relationships or dating to a whole new level.

Heroes To



Regardless of their age they need you to be their hero.

Calling all Dads and soon-to-be Dads! Regardless of your children's age or whether you have them or not, you can't help but notice that we are in a crisis situation when it comes to the direction or state of what our children today.
All the hard and sad statistics about childhood trauma, drug use, suicide and promiscuity are often the result of absent dads. Or dads that did not step up and take on the responsibility to be positive role model in his child's life.
Think about your own relationship with your father. Most men that are struggling in life, feeling lost or challenged in their relationship did not have a strong, engaged and loving father in his life.
RMP is here to unit men around the world with the objective to be true heroes to the children in their life. As well, to be mentors to children that so desperately need positive role models to help shape a productive and remarkable future.
Regardless of their age, being a father today is not easy.
Many dads are struggling with divorce, custody issues, distance and being estranged from his kids. Some dads are concerned about the direction his child is heading in. He's frustrated with guilt and shame of not having the skill to help and handle it. 
It can be rough and we hear you.
We want to provide you with a brotherhood and support mechanism that gives you the tools you need to be more affective, impactful and connected to the children in your life.
At RMP you'll tap into an on-going support forum of men that feel your pain, your challenges and your journey as a dad. 
As well, there are a lot of dads that are true rock stars when it comes to raising their kids. Some how they got it right. These dads are sharing their wisdom and awareness to help you sharpen the saw and be the best role model and hero you can be to the kids that need us most.

Brothers To Each Other


You are not alone On the Journey...We've got your back

Having a band of brothers is what most men long for. In spite of the images on beer commercials, to have a tribe of men that truly get the journey he's on and having his back is actually very rare. 
Sure, we can have our buddies and friends, but most male relationships are very surface oriented. A lot of guys don't feel that he has the kind of friendship or brotherhood with his current circle to truly share the stuff that really matters.
Watching sports, another drink or checking out the ladies is often the default deflection rather than engaging in true conversations and holding each other to a higher standard.
At The Remarkable Man Project you have instant access to a tribe of men that are seeking the same amp up the calibre of men they want to be around.
You are the sum total of the 5 people you hang out with the most. If you do not like the group you are in, you are the common denominator.
As a Remarkable Man, it is imperative that you get around those that support you, but also challenge you to be a better man.
RMP is a vetted group of brothers that you can build instant rapport with. Guys that get you and share the same interests.
When you begin your journey with The Remarkable Man Project you will realize that stepping up and playing a bigger game is a very real and tangible outcome because you have brothers along the journey with you.
Like any friendship, you get out what you put in. RMP is about challenging you to be a leader and an example to your brothers as to what it means to be a Remarkable Man. To truly be a brother to another you have to put in the effort and commitment.
You have before you an unprecedented opportunity to create change. To create a brotherhood that the world needs. A brotherhood committed to being and doing what it takes to make a difference in our families, our communities and around the world.

Communities & Charities Around The World Need Remarkable Men!


There's a whole world of remarkable men, you see them everyday. Yet only in times of crisis does it seem that the world tends to notice or remember just how remarkable most men truly are.
Yes, there are a lot of men fighting and destroying what humanity and nature have created. We also see the lowest of the low paraded across our TV screens daily.
However, RMP chooses to celebrate the true champion, hero and brother within. There are great examples of men being the unsung heroes that don't get nor want any reward. It's just what he does as the man that he is.
We want to tap into a man's natural giving and doing nature by creating local and international charity and giving opportunities that fill his soul.
It is our chance as men to come together and have a positive impact with our partner programs and RMP initiatives. 
Our goal is to come together once a month in communities where RMP has a critical mass of Remarkable Men. We look for opportunities within the community, women's organizations, children's programs, teen mentorship and helping to lift a brother up.
Where ever Remarkable Men gather we want to affect change and be remarkable in our social impact as we help change lives and in still the message of men being Remarkable.

Leadership &

Self Development


So many men identify so much of who they are with what they do. Their job, career, business or side hustle plays a huge role in the way he shows up in all areas of his life. When he feels that the work is going well and fulfilling him then he tends to be doing well emotionally and mentally.
This impacts how he shows up in his relationship, as a father, as a friend, as a lover and as a value producer out there in the world.
At RMP we understand how men are wired. Self worth, self esteem and sense of accomplishment are all key drivers so we made it our mandate to help men succeed in both his inner and outer world.
Once he feels great about how he's rock'n his purpose and passion, he shows up more powerfully as a champion and a hero to the people that matter most.
The Remarkable Man Project is here to provide men leadership and empowerment tools, resources and the support he needs to be the noble warrior that takes his game to the next level. 
In truth, self worth matters and the inner game is where the real magic happens. Once you understand how your personal growth and self development are critical to your outer growth, life begins to unfold remarkably.
Through our RMP Chapter meetings, Inner Circle Masterminds, Weekly Empowerment Calls, and access to world-class training and tools, we've got your accountability structure in place for whatever is next for you.

So How Does RMP Bring It All Together?

It's big vision and epic undertaking to inspire 1 million+ men around the world to answer the call. The call to stand united with your brothers and be the example of what it truly means to be a man in today's world.
We want to change the story, by providing men the world-class tools, resources and brotherhood so we can affect change now and for generations to come.
We know that the struggles and challenges men are going through are real and not easy fixes. That's why RMP was create as a legacy program that is with you for the long haul. 
We're with you when it's easy and we're with you when you hit the wall and those habitual patterns return to slow you down. In order to facilitate that we had to create a brotherhood you could get behind and stick with.
When men are Remarkable; women, children and the planet become the direct beneficiaries and flourish.
RMP is an annual membership driven network of inspired men from all walks of life and life experiences.
RMP's online virtual membership is the prime mover in growing this amazing movement. 
 We have both a  public FaceBook group page and a private page exclusive for RMP Inner Circle Members.
Once we hit a critical mass in select cities. We'll then launch an RMP Chapter. 
Your membership options.
Level 1- is our RMP Inner Circle Virtual Global Community:
Join The RMP Inner Circle from anywhere in the world and be connected to like-minded men that are as passionate as you are about playing a bigger game.
You'll receive:
  • The RMP MANual
  • RMP Weekly Challenges
  • Members Only RMP Inner Circle FaceBook Group
  • RMP Inner Circle T-Shirt
  • Sunday Night Inner Circle Mastermind Call
  • The Remarkable Man Book (The physical copy!)
Level 2 The RMP Inner Circle Live Chapters (In select cities)
At Level 2 you'll receive all the benefits of Level 1 as well as the live bi-weekly RMP Chapter meetings. These empowering and life-changing events happen twice a month with one being The Inner Circle Mastermind exclusive to RMP members and one guest night that's open for the public to learn more about RMP. See the details below about RMP Chapters.

Bring An RMP Chapter To Your City!

The Remarkable Man Project set out to create live Bi-weekly meetings where RMP Inner Circle Members and guests can meet, connect, learn and empower one another on an on-going consistent basis.

RMP is here to provide you with today's most cutting edge leadership, relationship and personal development tools available to men today! Plus, We have an absolute blast digging in to the camaraderie and brotherhood that every RMP Chapter meeting provides.

What happens at an RMP Chapter Meeting?
Each RMP Chapter Meeting has a set formula and agenda so members and guest can get the most out of their experience.


  • We have one "RMP Inner Circle Mastermind Night for members only where we dig in to the challenges, needs and accountability of our members hands-on each month.​​

  • We also have our RMP Guest Night once a month where invited guests get exposure to RMP.

  • Each meeting is approximately 2 hours in length. With a round of introductions and check-ins that are about KPI's (Key Performance Indicators. Yes, you are accountable for the things that matter to you.


  • Then we go into our "Take-Away" portion that provides 30-40 min of real-world empowerment for the group. Whether it's one of our in-house leaders or a guest speaker, we workshop and explore old and new ways of handling every aspect of a man's life. 

  • During the members-only Inner Circle Mastermind events this is where we dig in to the rapid-fire hot seat segment to really help our members get past their limitations, foster their strengths and get the breakthroughs they need to be Remarkable in his life.

  • We also have what's called our "MANswers" segment where men can ask the challenging questions that matter most in his life. There's a collective wisdom in the room that will blow you away! It's often the most profound and impactful component of the meeting. We have created a container of absolute confidentiality and trust. What is said here stays here!

  • It provides a confidential, save place where the RMP Code is upheld to the max!

  • We end the meeting with guest testimonials and then put the wheels in motion for members to . declares a remarkable activity he will complete before the next meeting. He must be committed to being remarkable in his personal life, his community and his business or career.

  • Post RMP Social - After the meeting the Brothers gather for beverages, food and socializing. It's a great way to get to know one another and learn about each other's lives in a social setting.

  • Of course there is much more, but you just have to experience it live for yourself.

Think you've got what it takes to be an RMP Chapter Leader?


Want to bring The Remarkable Man Project to your city?

Contact us today and let's explore what's possible!

We're Looking For Leaders! 

Your RMP Membership Options



Your Free RMP Membership

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RMP Global Inner Circle 

Virtual Membership

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RMP Inner Circle Chapter


  • The full Remarkable Man Coaching SystemTM  

  • RMP Virtual Challenges
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  • The Remarkable Man Book
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  • Over $5,000 In Value!

What Members Are Saying About RMP

Brendon Flowers,


"RMP has revolutionized my approach to becoming the remarkable man I KNOW I am to become!  After each meeting, I draw closer to my truest self.  Through stimulating, challenging, and heart-cantered discussions, I now take more responsibility for all my life's outcomes, which is incredibly empowering."

Dan Speth,

Contractor/Chapter Leader

"I enjoy RMP for many reasons:The strong brotherhood, having interacting with most on a business and social level.
As well, the insightful and empowering content we receive at each meeting has helped me in my business, personal and family life. 
I have seen my members go thru major improvements in their overall character.
RMP should be an essential part of every mans life." 

Chris Lefebvre, 


"The remarkable man project has kept me accountable for taking steps towards important goals in my life. I have felt supported and inspired by the brotherhood, not to mention reaped the rewards from acting on all the shared wisdom and experiences from the men. The message and vision behind this movement is one of integrity, inspiration, and achievement; it feels wonderful to be a part of something with such a positive and powerful message."

Stephen Mater,


"I enjoy RMP for many reasons:The strong brotherhood, having interacting with most on a business and social level.

As well, the insightful and empowering content we receive at each meeting has helped me in my business, personal and family life. 

I have seen my members go thru major improvements in their overall character.

RMP should be an essential part of every mans life." 

Darren Jacklin,


"Men if you are hungry to Level UP, Skill UP, Mentor UP and get your money right so you can start living life on your own terms and be living an inspired life and as an example to yourself your children and others then the Remarkable Man is strongly recommended for you."

Okay! I'm in!