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The Remarkable Man Project set out to create live Bi-weekly meetings where RMP Inner Circle Members and guests can meet, connect, learn and empower one another on an on-going consistent basis.

RMP is here to provide you with today's most cutting edge leadership, relationship and personal development tools available to men today! Plus, We have an absolute blast digging in to the camaraderie and brotherhood that every RMP Chapter meeting provides.

 Upcoming RMP Chapter Meetings


Currently RMP Chapters are in Western Canada. RMP Chapter meeting occurs every two weeks.

  • Calgary Alberta

      RMP Guest Night

      Wednesday, September 13th 7PM

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  • Edmonton Alberta

      RMP Guest Night

      Thursday, September 14th 7PM

      Lexus South Pointe Upstairs Executive Boardroom

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Our goal is to create at least one RMP Chapter in every city we can get Remarkable Men to gather. Want to start an RMP Chapter?

We will be live streaming RMP Chapter meetings to those members that are in cities where there are currently no RMP Chapters.


 01  What happens at an RMP Chapter Meeting?
Each RMP Chapter Meeting has a set formula and agenda so members and guest can get the most out of their experience.


  • We have one "Inner Circle Members Only" night and one "Guest Night" per month.​​


  • Each meeting is approximately 2 hours in length. With a round of introductions and check-ins about how each member and guest was remarkable in the previous two meetings.

  • Then we go into our "Take-Away" portion that provides 30-40 min of real-world empowerment for the group. Whether it's one of our in-house leaders or a guest speaker, we workshop and explore old and new ways of handling every aspect of a man's life. 

  • We also have what's called our "MANswers" segment where men can ask the challenging questions that matter most in his life. There's a collective wisdom in the room that will blow you away! It's often the most profound and impactful component of the meeting. We have created a container of absolute confidentiality and trust. What is said here stays here!

  • It provides a confidential, save place where the RMP Code is upheld to the max!

  • We end the meeting with a "Declaration Round". Each man declares 3 remarkable activities he will complete before the next meeting. He must be remarkable is 3 categories: 1. His personal life.  2. His community   3. His business or career.

  • Post RMP Social - After the meeting the Brothers gather for beverages, food and socializing. It's a great way to get to know one another and learn about each other's lives in a social setting.

  • Of course there is much more, but you just have to experience it live for yourself!



 02  How Can An RMP Chapter Come To My City?

RMP Chapters are set up as a licensing model. They are run by a Chapter Leader that is committed and dedicated to joining a proven model of success and effectiveness. If there is enough interest to have 20-30 men gather in your city,  there's the potential to have an RMP Chapter Leader come to present an RMP Introductory Evening. We have created a "plug and play" model. Plus, with Facebook and MeetUp in place we can provide all the tools and resources needed to organize, promote and run an RMP Chapter effectively and efficiently. 





 03  Is This A Religious Organization?

No! RMP is not affiliated with any religious group or organization. Nor are we alligned with any political agenda. All men are welcome regardless of faith, beliefs, sexual orientation, or political alignment. This is a global brotherhood of Remarkable Men. Men that are inclusive in their nature and




 04  What Is The Difference Between A Members Only Night And A Guest Night?

As in life, you will be tested. You are striving toward becoming the best version of yourself and you know it's not a quick fix process. There's going to be highs and lows. If it was just a "pay as you go" monthly fee, it would be too easy to just cut and run when the chips are down. RMP is committed to your success over the long hall.


Plus, this is about building a brotherhood of men that truly have your back. You can only get there by building friendships based on trust and authenticity. This is not for you if you are prone to quit, hide or flake when things get real.

 05    Are You Looking For Leaders?


Yes! We want passionate, purpose driven men to step boldly into their leadership role and assist us in creating an exciting global movement that's truly changing lives. If you'd like to be a part of the leadership team. Contact us today! 

Common RMP Chapter Meeting Questions

RMP Men's Weekend- Gathering of Champions

September 22, 23 & 24

Bear Paw Ranch Drayton Valley Alberta!

Join us for an incredible weekend of empowerment, leadership and brotherhood!

All inclusive price of Just $397!

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