How To Heat Up Date Night

May 9, 2017

Do you have regular date nights?


Do your date nights end up being passionate, fun and playful?


Sadly, that's not the case for a lot of men and women in relationships today.


The challenge is; "Date Night" has been turned into an excuse just to get our of the house or away from the kids for a bit.


There's very little thought put into it and there's even less effort. Especially, if you are both running busy schedules.


You end up going to familiar chain restaurants with the familiar menu and reasonable prices to fit the budget and your sensibilities.


Maybe a movie too so you don't have to talk to one another a whole lot.


I've seen it time and again where she's put on some nice jeans and top, done her hair and make up to look pretty and he's sporting his favourite T-shirt and ball cap.


This is a sure sign they're not really trying any more. The conversation is stale or boring and the meal's arrival is a relief so you don't have to talk as much.


I'd like to offer a reframe for date night. Instead I challenge you to call it "Romance Night"


Romance Night implies that there's an agenda...A sexy one!

An agenda to be focused and centred on being romantic, connected and flirtatious for the entire evening.


Romance night takes on a whole new energy and with that, you have to raise your game in planning and execution.


Creating Romance Night helps to amp up your authentic masculine power because you are making the decisions and the planning.


Pick the date and time that you know will work for both your schedules.

Plan for the sitter or family members to pitch in to take care of the kids if you have them.


Select a restaurant where you actually have to reserve a table (it matters). Choose on that you know she will love.


Surprise her that you are taking her out for Romance Night and that you want her to wear that sexy/classy outfit she totally looks hot in. Be mindful of her body image if the dress has not come out in a long time and it's now a couple sizes to small that will back fire. Be sure it's a current dress style that she looks great in.


You too are going to step up your style and dress to impress her. Take the suit out and get it pressed if it has been awhile...make sure you too are wearing something that works for your body shape. You don't want to be the guy the looks like he's desperately trying but is failing miserable with his wardrobe. You may need to update your look if it has been awhile.


On the eve of Romance Night you are to handle everything like a boss. 

Take care of the sitter with the rules and time frames...Instruct the kids on their conduct and then escort your beloved to the car. Open her door...close the door.


Admire how gorgeous she is...let her much her beauty stirs you.


At the restaurant: Open her door...Let her sit first. Take her coat if she has one.


Order like a boss...This night is to be slow so just bread and wine (or non alcoholic beverage) for now. Sorry guys but this is not a Bud Light moment. Class it up.


Enjoy your time together. Gaze into each other eyes. See each other for the first time in a long time.

As the night moves forward and you are enjoying your meal you can flirt shamelessly. Talk about the fun times, the romantic times and the sexy times. Tell her sincerely how beautiful she is. Hold her hand. You want her to be feeling very much in her feminine. You want her feeling amorous, sexy and connected to you. This is building up the sexual tension.


By the time you leave the restaurant there should be no doubt what is about to happen when you get home.


Romance night is the whole enchilada...SEX!


And I mean great sex! Not just you getting off! The night is to go down in white hot flames! You are the go-giver tonight. You have to want to pleasure her until she taps out. 


This my friend puts you so far into your authentic masculine and puts her into her divine feminine to such a degree that you'll wonder what happened to the girlfriend/wife you had just a few hours before.


Romance Night is all about giving. But when you do...and you are solid and self assured about pulling it off...She will give you ten-fold in return.


Don't short-change what you have brother.


Relationships take work and effort. If you, her or the relationship just don't have the energy or will to create a Romance Night every two weeks or once a month, what the hell are you in it for?


Your relationship deserves hot and sexy romance. Make it a priority. Be her champion!

That's how you roll.


Be Remarkable!


If you found this post of value please share, "like" and comment on it. I'd love to hear from you.


Dwayne Klassen



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