She's Not Arguing To Piss You Off

May 31, 2017

She’s not trying to argue. 

She’s expressing her fears, insecurities and her need to feel safe, secure and heard.



She's crazy!
She drives me nuts.
She's in one of her moods again.
She's always nagging me!

You can add any number of finger pointing accusations for how your girlfriend, wife or ex is showing up in your world.

In truth, and this where most men's egos get in the way, she's mirroring a part of yourself.
Women show up in a way the reflects what she's receiving.

Most of how she is showing up is a reflection of how well her emotions, fears and concerns are being addressed and heard by you.

Very little of what a woman is nagging or bitching about is the real concern. It's a cry for help. To be heard.
Arguments and relationship tension typically comes from a much deeper and pervasive issue.

She's too far into her masculine energy and you're too far in your feminine energy. 
Neither of you are aware of it but you know you can't stand it.

You know this is true if you are a "Yes" man, you feel like you are always walking on egg shells, you are not having regular amazing sex, or you spend most of your time pacifying her, resenting her or trying to validate yourself.

That's beta energy and it's not serving you or the relationship.

But because there's no language for it you argue about all the usual and habitual things.

She's aching for you to survive her "tests" to be her noble warrior and be her champion.

Your #1 priority as a man in a relationship is to help her move from her masculine energy into her feminine energy where she longs to be.

You can only do that if she feels your authentic masculine power.

If it sounds like it's you all on you to change the are right!

Guys, please get this: Be first in addressing and changing what you don't like. Don't wait for her. Listen to her concerns, listen to her fears and feel them don't try to fix them.

Share one another's operating system. 
Share what love looks and feels like to each other so you get on the same page.
Be decisive! 
Own your shit!
Claim responsibility!


When a woman feels your strength and authentic masculine power, she's now able to be the woman she wants to be.
And the woman you desire.
She'll give tenfold in return!


Be Remarkable!
If you need some help in this area send me a PM👍
I've got your back!


Dwayne Klassen


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