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The MANipulation And The Media - The No News Diet

June 15, 2017

The MANipulation And The Media - The No News Diet


Here's a challenge for you to explore. 

How much television do you partake in?
More specifically, how much news do you consume?


I admit I am not a fan of the news. 
In fact, if you know me on a personal level you might label me a conspiracist when it comes to the media. 

In fact, I dedicate a whole chapter to the subject in my book, The Remarkable Man. I feel so strongly about it because of how the media targets men in a very unique way.


Over the past decade we have seen the erosion of positive images of men in the media. Instead, we see men portrayed as idiots, buffoons and losers. Or worse we see them as evil, deceitful and violent.


Conversely, the media portrays women as strong, empowered and have their preverbal shit together. She's often depicted as the family saviour, the smarts and the decision maker in the family.


With Dad at the helm all hell breaks loose!


Children are often seen schooling dear old Dad with the most rudimentary of tasks.


News and sports are also orchestrated to generate a reaction or push and agenda on the male population.


Sadly, too many men are being lulled into a coma of apathy, lethargy and escapism.


Television: Tells-Lies-To-Your-Vision
Let that sink in.


It's as benevolent of an entertainment or information system for your betterment as you might think.

The truth is, media is an actual science.

It's a heavily funded real-time psychological experiment.
They know exactly how to play you so that hate, anger, ignorance, intolerance, marginalization, helplessness and manipulation can be triggered by a sound bite or the right camera angle.


It's called "programming" for a reason.


I tell you this because I am passionate about creating a world of remarkable men.
Men that are free thinkers and are not swayed by pop culture, polls, politics, religion and meaningless statistics.


Men that follow their hearts, their purpose and their passion.
Men that are readers, doers and teachers.
Men that can see past the illusions, games and distractions that are meant to get them to fall asleep rather than go after their dreams.


Gentlemen, as a remarkable man...for the next week I challenge you to go on a no-news diet. 
Or no TV at all!


Feel what resistance comes up for you. 


If it is a big reaction, it may be time to dig in to just how much of a hold the tele-addiction has on you.


Instead, use that time to read, watch motivational videos, or do the tasks that move your dreams and your family forward.

Track how your life moves forwards with your new awareness and knowledge.


I then challenge you to notice how the absence of not knowing about politics, sports, an accident across town, some alleged terrorist incident, or the birth of a penguin at the zoo had any actual real-time impact on your day-to-day life.


We have a much bigger game to play Brothers!

What we feed ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically impacts us on so many levels.


Do this for a week and see if you can notice how your perceptions change. 


You may never watch TV the same way or ever again.

Be Remarkable!



Remember, You are not alone on the journey. At RMP...We've got your back!


Dwayne Klassen



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