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Commit To The Next Level

September 20, 2017


Do you ever feel like throwing in the towel and starting over?

Do you ever wish you could re-invent yourself?


I hear you!


I have to admit there have been many moments when I wanted to throw in the towel and just start over. 


However, when I get past my pity party and decide what matters most, things begin to change.


The low vibrational thoughts that make their way into my mind are generally because I have lost focus and forgot my "WHY".


There is a next-level of thinking, doing and BEING that is required in order to get past the stinking thinking.


Jim Rohn calls it having a "Magnificent Obsession".


What's going to pull you into a compelling future?


Anthony Robbins calls it "Next-Level Action!"


Life will always throw you curve balls. There's no getting away from the bad days, the setbacks and the days when you are sick and tired of the grind.


We all have those days. But I want to challenge you to not see them as setbacks, but as a setup for an opportunity to test your resolve.


You've heard this before I am sure, and it sounds pretty simple to implement. However, it's anything but easy because our sense of awareness has a hard time getting around the ego's power to pull you down.


The ego wants you to see things as setbacks, as a struggle and what you are doomed to experience. 


Your higher self is your cheerleader and aches for you to see the setbacks as a gift for your to grow stronger, be courageous and go further.


A man's character is not defined by how he reacts to his successes but rather by how he responds to his failure.


On those days you literally have to pour yourself into your purpose.


Passion makes it happens!


Whatever it takes is what has to happen.


I have made it my life's purpose to be "The Coach For Men" and create a container that supports men in being Remarkable. To be a catalyst to create Remarkable Relationships, remarkable dads, and remarkable results.


So I have to be the best I can in my field and Yes it scares the hell out of me at times.


A big part of that has to do with not being there yet myself.


But as long as I do the work and I do what is necessary, my commitment to my mission and purpose will pull me through.


In doing so I can do my part in contributing to creating a Remarkable World.


What do you need to recommit to your highest vision?


Where do you need to refocus and prepare to play at the next level?


When you commit to the next level in your thinking and doing, the path will be clear.


You've got this!




If you thought this post was of value to you, please like, share and comment on it. I'd love to hear from you.


Remember, you are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!



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